About us

Hello, We Sillco and Victory!

Welcome to our online shop that decided to call the “workshop”. Here you can view BDSM products are handmade, and get information on specific design and performance.

Our goal is – you, our visitors and customers to find a place after careful precision and quality workmanship to get unique, personally-oriented individual product at a reasonable price.

A few personal words: I am Sillco, an engineer by training and vocation master. Long ago I attracted to BDSM – long before they understand what is behind this abbreviation. I did check several internet forums with this topic. I met many different people, friendships are created, they began to share ideas, wishes to seek implementation of various practices and fantasies and … a problem: Why Bulgaria does not …? because nothing good quality can not be bought here …?

For a long time looking for suitable leather, BDSM-oriented products – and European and American sites – high prices, poor build quality synthetic leather. Many thought and finally decided that the experience and education allow me to try to do this and that.

It was not easy and nothing happened the first time! I tried first with iron, wood, and then finally stopped the natural skin. It has a high quality finished products with good looks, reliable, user friendly and unpretentious for maintenance. This allows me to guarantee 100% that all items in the proper use, can be used longer and have the satisfaction and pleasure.

And I started step by step … The number of items gradually swelled, I received support and encouragement. Friends become clients, led and more!
This includes Victory, my companion in life – first with help, then with copyrighted products, took with marketing.

The idea to introduce this site came through logical and spontaneous!

Here we summarize our products and presentation. We offer quality at an affordable price. We have developed quite “toys” even with few options. But what we seek to offer the most has an individual approach to each specific request. The articles have modern radiation are made with quality materials and is embedded in them thought and attention kav any particular individuality. This is where you can ask us to produce something that impressed you or order from our ready-mix.

Everything we do is geared to a specific person, the individual dimensions, this is our most important idea. In BDSM clothing items is unacceptable and expensive – we hope our ‘creative’ team can always offer an alternative!

Thank you for your attention and you are welcome!