To use the services provided by www.sillco-workshop.com services.

1. This document contains the general conditions under which online store www.sillco-workshop.com provide services to users / customers. These conditions are binding to all users. By clicking “I agree with the terms” user / customer agrees fully accepts and agrees to comply with these Terms.

2. Products that are on the website of www.sillco-workshop.com are more demonstrative online catalog describing the product line on offer.

3. Images and descriptions of products are on the website www.sillco-workshop.com have information – illustrative character and do not claim to accuracy and completeness. The inaccuracy of images, and their absence can not be construed as misleading information / advertising and are not intended to mislead consumers or to give the product specifications or nonexistent opportunities. In the images of products they may be displayed along with their optional accessories are not included in price or with other products that are intended. Images of products also do not carry color information (unless it is specifically stated), quantity, equipment, technical characteristics and capabilities. The product descriptions may be incomplete, inaccurate or promptly modified by the manufacturer in the production process of a product. Producers and traders have the right to change specifications at any time without obligation to notify consumers about explicit.

4. After registration, users are able to use shopping cart that is designed for convenience and ease of calculation and availability of the user / client to the characteristics of all his goods. Placing products in the basket no binding effect. User / client has the opportunity to place and remove any products in your shopping cart. After clicking on the “SUBMIT ORDER” button, users agree to purchase the goods contained in the consumer price basket aktulna at that time. This action is legally binding and its performance is considered that the contract is concluded.

5. www.sillco-workshop.com reserves the right to waive the delivery of confirmed orders in the event that goods or materials for them are not currently available. If the transfer is made on account of the merchant, the customer can choose among the following options:

• recovery;
• failure of the contract;
• Order replacement;
• waiting for a fresh supply.

6. Contract languages are Bulgarian and English and posted on the website prices are in Bulgarian BGN or EUR incl. VAT. The site supports Bulgarian and English version.

7. The user / customer is entirely the risk of damage / loss of the goods on delivery. Immediately after delivery of goods to the courier, www.sillco-workshop.com be exempt from the risk that is transferred to the user / client. www.sillco-workshop.com, not responsible for the delay if the delay is caused by courier or other provider. Warranty terms and conditions

8. Prices given here include packing, but not transportation to the place of delivery. Delivery of orders transport is paid entirely by the user / client depending on the charges preferred courier.

9. Payment shall be made by any of the following ways:- By cash;- By bank transfer;Rights and obligations of the user / client

10. User / client has the opportunity to hear and purchase advertised goods online store www.sillco-workshop.com.

11. User / client has a right to know the status of your order.

12. User / customer assumes full responsibility for the protection of your username and password and for all acts performed by him or a third party using your username and password. User shall immediately notify www.sillco-workshop.com for each case of unauthorized access by using his username and password, and whenever there is risk of such use.

13. The user / customer must pay the price of your order according to their chosen way in carrying out the contract.

14. The user / customer must provide www.sillco-workshop.com information necessary for delivery stating address, contact person and phone number in the application, and to recognize, or explicitly to inform him of good time / date and time / which can accept / receive the goods.

15. Each user, whether customer www.sillco-workshop.com While using the service:

• not damaged and to respect fundamental rights and freedoms and human rights under the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and recognized international instruments;
• does not undermine the reputation of others and does not call for violent change of constitutional order, to commit a crime, to violence or the incitement of racial, ethnic or religious hatred;
• not interfere with foreign material or immaterial, absolute or relative rights and interests as property rights, intellectual property and others.;
• comply with the Bulgarian legislation applicable foreign laws, rules of morality and decency and netiquette when using the services provided by www.sillco-workshop.com services;
• immediately notify www.sillco-workshop.com for each case of infringement committed or using the services provided;
• not perform malicious actions;
• to indemnify www.sillco-workshop.com and any third parties for damages and lost profits, including all costs and attorney fees paid as a consequence of claims by and / or paid compensation to third parties in connection with the website , hyperlinks, material or information that User has used, placed on the server sent, disseminated, made available to third parties or made available in violation of the law, these Terms, Good manners or netiquette;

16. Customer shall pay the price of the goods to pay the costs of delivery and provide access to the place of delivery, and provide any other means of obtaining goods.Rights and obligations of www.sillco-workshop.com

17. www.sillco-workshop.com no obligation and objective ability to control how consumers use the services provided.

18. www.sillco-workshop.comima right but not the obligation to preserve materials and information located on servers www.sillco-workshop.com.

19. www.sillco-workshop.com may at any time without notifying the user / client when he uses the services in violation of these conditions and at the discretion of www.sillco-workshop.com to terminate, suspend or change the services provided in connection with the use of the site.

20. www.sillco-workshop.com is not liable to users and third parties for damages and lost profits, a result of discontinuation, suspension, modification or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss,, inaccuracy or incompleteness of communications materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available through www.sillco-workshop.com

21. www.sillco-workshop.com after receiving payment is obliged to transfer the user / client applied for ownership of purchase from him goods to deliver within the stated purchase a product, check the technical condition and good appearance of each item before be sent.

22. www.sillco-workshop.com is not liable for its obligations under this contract upon occurrence of circumstances which www.sillco-workshop.com is not anticipated and was not obliged to provide – incl., cases of accidental events problems in the global Internet network and provision of services outside the control of www.sillco-workshop.com

23. www.sillco-workshop.com may install on users’ computers cookies (cookies). Cookies are text files that are saved on the website on the user’s hard drive and allow recovery of information to the consumer, identify it and allow monitoring of its activities, websites visited, hyperlinks, which uses information use and other records.Privacy and protection

24. The identification of the user / client to reproduce his statement as acceptance of the Terms and for your order is made by stored in the log – files on the server www.sillco-workshop.com, storing the IP address of the user / client and any other information.

25. www.sillco-workshop.com guarantees its users / clients confidentiality of the information and personal data. The latter will be used, provided or brought to the attention of third parties outside of the cases and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions. www.sillco-workshop.com protect personal data of the user / client become known for filling the electronic form to make an application to purchase, this obligation shall cease if the customer has provided false information. Subject to the legislation and the provisions of these Terms, www.sillco-workshop.com may use customer’s personal data solely for the purposes specified in the contract. Any other purposes for which data is used will be in accordance with Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency.

26. www.sillco-workshop.com shall not disclose any personal information about customers to third parties – public authorities, companies, individuals and others, unless they received the written consent of Customer information is required by state authorities or officials, according to current legislation, to require and collect such information. www.sillco-workshop.com is required to provide information under the Act.

27.www.sillco-workshop.com may collect and use information recorded.

28.Informatsiyata in the preceding article may be used by www.sillco-workshop.com, unless express disapproval of the User, sent the following e-mail address office@sillco-workshop.com. www.sillco-workshop.com collects and uses information to improve services. All purposes for which www.sillco-workshop.com will use the information will be consistent with Bulgarian legislation applicable international instruments and morals.Amendments and terminology

28. Terms may be changed at any time by www.sillco-workshop.com, who has the right to change the characteristics of services and these Terms and based on changes in legislation. www.sillco-workshop.com is obliged to inform User of changes in general conditions such as prominently on its website published a notice of any amendments thereto, and give sufficient time to become familiar with them. In this period if the user has not said he rejects the changes, it is considered bound by them. If the User within the time stated that it disagrees with the changes it www.sillco-workshop.com has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of services to the User.

29. Under “User / customer”, respectively. only “user” and only “client” means anyone who has visited the website www.sillco-workshop.com on your computer.

30. Under the “Order” means the selected goods and all other attributes associated with the delivery and payment of goods by the customer / user.

31. Place of delivery is the address that is specified by the user / client when placing an order.

32. Internet shop www.sillco-workshop.com is hereinafter referred to as “merchant” or the “Company”.